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plastic cutting blade using material difference

Views:17     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-10      Origin:Site

Most customers use the concept of the mill blade for blade material is not very clear, in their view, the blade is purely to be able to use, or easy to use on the line. Here I analysis to the customer: disintegrator blade material and production of the products are closely related, the customer when selecting a blade should consider its production of the product is particularly high requirements, material is generally poor blade sharpness, wear resistance are relatively poor, relatively crushing out the quality of the products will corresponding poor, but also greatly affect production efficiency. Perhaps some customers are not too concerned about this aspect of the requirements, consider only the blade in terms of price,the choice of this type of blade that is no problem. For our company's customer requirements is the first, we can only say to customers in the sales of the most comprehensive analysis of the blade material is good or bad, or cost-effective. Some customers on product requirements if relatively high, production efficiency stressed, so customers like this is the best choice of materials better (such as: 9CrSi Cr12mov inlaid Fenggang, etc.) the material of the blade is very sharp and durable, not only fly out of the product quality, greatly improved production efficiency!