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  • 2017-04-17

    Straight shear knives have evolved into many uses in industrial manufacturing and processing. They are used to cut textiles, nonwoven materials, paper, rubber and steel, just to name a few. The process of shearing is a proven technique that can be greatly improved upon by changing the material from

  • 2017-04-17

    HARSLE machine Co. manufactures blades and a wide range of accessories for machines utilizing the score or crush cutting process. Score cut knives, perforator blades, slitter shafts, through hardened rolls or sleeves, and slitter knife holders are the most common score slitting products that we manu

  • 2017-04-17

    An air-hardened tool steel, AISI D2 contains high carbon and chromium levels. In fact D2 contains almost enough chromium to be considered stainless steel, and is often referred to as semi-stainless. Blades made from D2 are extremely abrasion resistant, because of the high carbon content, and hold th

  • 2017-04-17

    Many types of mechanical blade including bending machine die, cutting machine blade, carton mechanical blade, cutting blade, cutting blade, plastic grinder blade, rubber mechanical blade, textile machinery blade, leather machinery blade, metallurgical machinery blade, food machinery blade, metal mec

  • 2017-04-17

    For numerical control machine tool, at the start of the processing to determine mechanical blade and the workpiece position relative to is very important, and the relative position is achieved by identifying the point of a knife. The point is to determine the relative position of reference point and

  • 2017-04-10

    HARSLE is on a constant move for investing in research and development to drive down the cost of recycling for many industries by manufacturing effictive and efficient industrial knives and blades. Give us a call to find about our premium quality industrial knives and blades deisigned specifically f