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Where the round blade can wear?

Views:10     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-10      Origin:Site

Many customers bought all kinds of machinery round blade, used for a period of time may blade sharpness and wear-resisting degree are not up to the requirements the in, then customers will consider using the blade can not continue to use the treatment, or used as such will certainly influence produced by the product quality. Swap? That appears to be a waste of money, after all, customers to buy products can not be fully utilized, not satisfied with the price, that is not to our customers to bring the greatest benefits. So if the general round blade is used up, if it can be repaired by grinding and then can be used to repair it again. So where can I repair it, how to repair it?

First: local general use mechanical grinding blade more, or the local industry is developed, then the local will be a special grinding the blade processing sales, like grinding machine of the circular blade are what it: cylindrical grinding, grinding plane or, if the blade is provided with a mouth of the angle of the blade, it would need to into a universal opening machine. 

Second: if you are using a round blade in the local product is relatively small, or not the area of this type of industry development, the local may not have this kind of grinding processing. At this time you can use the product manufacturers to contact them to take back to the grinding, so that your blade can be used again, give full play to the value of its products.