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The modern tool industry to adapt the new competitive situation

Views:14     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-27      Origin:Site

In terms of production capacity and industrial organization, the current our country manufacturing industry's biggest problem is excess capacity, industry to carry out reorganization and integration is the most important way to adjust the economic structure, the merger and reorganization of enterprises, industry concentration degree is improved, for the manufacturing industry is must adapt to the new normal.

China's tool industry still scattered, small. National Bureau of statistics data show that China's large-scale tool enterprises 493, 2013, China's cutting tool market size of 33 billion, of which domestic tool is 21 billion 500 million, according to the average sales of only 43 million yuan. The existing capacity and the industry is mainly traditional tool industry, must be made out of the digital tide, this industry form does not meet the requirements of the national industrial structure adjustment. Industry change is an inevitable choice, tool industry leading enterprises have the opportunity to reorganization and integration of industry resources, will form a number of leading enterprises, many outstanding professional and technical, market segmentation has the advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises, supplemented by the industry pattern.