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The existing development model of cutting tool problem

Views:11     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-27      Origin:Site

Developed countries in Europe and the United States with cutting technology progress, through the continuous mergers and acquisitions, has formed several international tool group (Sandvik, ISCA, Kenna, etc.), a large number of professional and technical or market segments have obvious advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises, supplemented by the pattern of industry. While China's tool industry is still low level of technology, less capital investment, small scale, industry structure, lack of industry leading enterprises.

Several tools have been built multinational global marketing network to complete the cutting technical services "as the core, has established a good reputation in the market and customers. While China's tool industry generally use the "mass production standard tool + wholesale sales agent" mode, customer demand for personalized attention is generally not high.

Around the cutting theory of innovation to improve the level of technical ability and quality of tool, Sandvik has established a modern cutting tool technology R & D system, digital tool modeling and simulation design, cutting tool material, coating, detection, cutting mechanism research and related equipment technology field in ahead. And our country engaged in Cutting Research Institute, enterprises and institutions is less, talent is scarce, tool less innovation, 150 years of development of the theory of metal cutting, the progress of every cutting technology are from Europe and the United States industrial power lead.