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Score or Crush Slitting Explained

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HARSLE machine Co. manufactures blades and a wide range of accessories for machines utilizing the score or crush cutting process. Score cut knives, perforator blades, slitter shafts, through hardened rolls or sleeves, and slitter knife holders are the most common score slitting products that we manufacture. All are available for standard score slitting 

machinery, and we also deliver rapid manufacturing of custom blades and accessories for businesses with unique score cutting needs. We manufacture both continuous edge and perforated score cut slitters in a wide range of tool steel.

Score slitter blades, also called crush cut blades, are used in a cutting process that involves passing a material between a blade and a hardened roll aka "sleeve". The material is essentially crushed into two separate pieces between the knife and the roll. Because of the constant metal on metal contact between the score cut blade and the roll, these blades don’t have a razor sharp edge, but instead have a rounded edge with a larger radius. This insures longer run times, as sharper blades would dull quickly creating an uneven cut. A score cut knife is used for continuous cutting applications, but is also ideal for perforating a material such as paper. HARSLE machine Co. manufactures all blades and accessories used in the score cutting process including a full line of perforator blades.