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On the cutting process monitoring what to consider

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-27      Origin:Site

The workpiece after alignment and complete program debugging, you can enter the automatic process. In the automatic processing process, the operator must monitor the process of cutting, cutting the workpiece to prevent abnormal caused by quality problems and other accidents.

To monitor the cutting process mainly consider the following aspects:

1, rough machining process monitoring is mainly concerned with the rapid removal of excess margin of the surface. In the automatic machining process, cutting parameters according to the set, automatic cutting tool according to a predetermined 

trajectory. The operator should pay attention to the cutting load table to observe the changes of cutting load automatic process, according to the tool capacity, adjust the cutting parameters and maximize the efficiency of machine tool.

2, monitoring the cutting sound in the automatic cutting process, start cutting, cutting the workpiece's voice is stable,continuous, brisk, the movement of the machine is stable at this time. With the cutting process, when the workpiece on hard or tool wear tool or pinch and other reasons, the cutting process is stable, unstable performance is cutting the sound changes, between the tool and the workpiece will mutually impact sound, the machine will tremble. At this time should adjust the cutting parameters and cutting conditions, when the adjustment effect is not obvious, should suspend the machine tool and the workpiece, check status.