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On ink scraper and its function

Views:8     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-27      Origin:Site

The main raw material for ink scraper is polyester plastic, not metal products. In printing enterprises, the requirements of the ink scraper is higher, such as wear resistance, high efficiency, etc., to produce high-quality printing. Follow the footsteps of printing progress, and constantly update the technology, improve the quality of ink scraper, more efficient to play its function.

Ink scraper has the following four points:

1, so that the screen version of the substrate surface to adapt to;

2, so that the screen printing and printing contact with the substrate;

3, scraping the screen printing plate on the remaining ink;

4, scraping the ink to make it through the screen printing plate.

In a word, the main function of ink scraper is the ink is pressed through the screen printing plate and its transfer to the substrate, ink scraper performance of final printing effect is direct impact. Therefore, in order to understand the performance parameters of the ink scraper can provide for us the correct selection of ink scraper according to.