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1.Material for Selection  
The chemical composition of the material has optimization and scientific control curve. In addition to conventional elements, we add the right amount of valuable rare elements as the main metamorphic agent. In order to quickly and accurately detect and adjust the chemical composition, our company invested a lot of money to establish laboratory equipment to ensure that products reach the target.


Through the forging of metal in the smelting process can eliminate the generated as –cast defects such as loose, optimizing the microstructure at the same time as preserving the full stream of metal wire, forgings, mechanical properties generally superior to the same material castings.

3.Advanced Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment process is to ensure and improve product quality which is a very important process. Good cutting quality can be fully manifested by advanced heat treatment equipment and heat treatment process. Our company has advanced heat treatment equipment to ensure that castings within a specific time and process according to the required standards of the matrix transformation to achieve a great unity.


With the continuous metal sheet precision improvement for machining, we developed an ultra-high-precision cutting tools, so far only precision milling cutter can be matched. Our conventional standards are ±0.001mm thickness tolerances and Ra0.1μm. Inspections of all high-precision products are carried out at constant temperature indoors.