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How to choose the correct position of the mechanical blade

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For numerical control machine tool, at the start of the processing to determine mechanical blade and the workpiece position relative to is very important, and the relative position is achieved by identifying the point of a knife. The point is to determine the relative position of reference point and workpiece based on mechanical blade. Knife point can be set in on 

the parts to be machined, and can also be located in the fixture and parts locating datum has a certain size contact position, the knife point is often part of the processing origin. The selection principle of the knife point:

For example, machining, when in accordance with the schema of the route to the preparation of the NC program, choose 

the fixture cylindrical pin and the central line of the positioning plane a intersection as the processing tool. Obviously, the knife point here is just also the origin processing.

     Determine the processing origin in the use of the knife point, the need for "knife". The so-called "knife tool is to make the site" and "tool" coincidence operation. Each of the mechanical blade radius and length size are different, the mechanical blade installed in the machine, the control system should be set in the basic position of the mechanical blade. "Knife site" refers to the positioning reference point of the mechanical blade. As shown in Figure 2, the cylindrical milling cutter sites is mechanical blade center line and mechanical blade bottom surface intersection; ball end milling cutter location is at the center of the ball head; lathe tool knife position spot is the tip or tip circular arc center; drill cutter location is bit vertices. Methods of various types of CNC machine tools is not exactly the same, this content will be combined with various types of machine tools were discussed respectively.