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D2-High Carbon Cold Work Tool Steel

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An air-hardened tool steel, AISI D2 contains high carbon and chromium levels. In fact D2 contains almost enough chromium to be considered stainless steel, and is often referred to as semi-stainless. Blades made from D2 are extremely abrasion resistant, because of the high carbon content, and hold their edge as well or better then industrial blades made 

from other materials. D2 is appropriate for most cold work applications and has a better balance of toughness and wear-resistance than most other tool steels.

Selecting the correct blade material can be difficult. Please allow the experts at HARSLE machine tool  Co. the 

opportunity to manufacture the right industrial blade for your specific needs.

Chemical Characteristics

Carbon: 1.55%

Chromium: 11.50%

Vanadium: 0.80%

Molybdenum: 0.90%