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Common grinder blade solution to the problem

Views:16     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-03      Origin:Site

First, in the course of grinder you have to hear abnormal sound, clear plastic grinder blade shaking voice.

1. Plastic blade clamping screw useless, resulting in high-speed rotation mill when abnormal sound obvious, it is necessary to check all the screws again, we must firmly tighten.

2. Check whether there is doubt chipper, plastic grinder is used for grinding plastic, if there are other materials such as metal into the cause of the condition jump edge grinder blades.

3. Check whether the loosening arbor mill, mill shaft has one end loose, when the rotation causes eccentric rotation, resulting in abnormal noise machine.

Second, plastic grinder blade edge chipping

1. The blade itself may be a problem, when a fire caused by excessive production of steel edge crack, do the next time to reduce steel fire.

2. crushed plastic when it came to metal, metal hardness is high, it will directly cause the blade edge chipping, crushing when not to put metal bars.

Third, the plastic blade can not install

1. The blade pitch right eye, the eye will cause a deviation from the alignment of the screw can not be tightened grinder blade to re-order.

2. The length of the blade problem, which usually occurs in plastic grinder blade of the knife, the knife and some machine tools are two stitching, long blade knife can not make two side by side, to which a knife wear short it can be.