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Cleaning blade shears in time and pay attention to what?

Views:8     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-03      Origin:Site

Blade shears played a favorable role in boosting production operations, they can put all the material intact cutting and tailoring. However, in this process, the use of the blade is an important tool, they can also occur in a variety of wear under prolonged use, or present a ash phenomenon. Therefore, the cleaning blade is cutting staff who want to frequent, and 

wash them, we will pay special cleaning blade shears in time to pay attention to which of the following, in order to achieve better results.

First, corruption not use detergent. We are cleaning the blade, they usually put them in water containing detergent for cleaning. Although this is not an error, but we should pay attention, be sure to use the cleaning agents and ingredients, not corrosive or corrosive cleaning agents, if we choose the latter, then they will find after cleaning the blade will be deterioration, even showing a passivation phenomenon. So, pay attention to cleaning agents.

The second point, the first diesel soaked blade, blade with a soft cloth. We shearing blades after cleaning, do not direct the use of dry or damp cloth, but to choose a soft, dry cloth to wipe, so can quickly remove water stains on the blade, so as to achieve an effective gloss effect .

In addition, we pay special attention to the wear of the blade shears. If they wear a large degree, the situation is even gaps appear, we'd better give up this blade is used, or in the future course of the overall incalculable accident will happen, they will become unstable during the cleaning process crisis point.