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Classification and application of mechanical blades

Views:13     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-17      Origin:Site

Many types of mechanical blade including bending machine die, cutting machine blade, carton mechanical blade, cutting blade, cutting blade, plastic grinder blade, rubber mechanical blade, textile machinery blade, leather machinery blade, metallurgical machinery blade, food machinery blade, metal mechanical blade, cutting edge cutter, trimming round knife, etc..

Widely used in metallurgy Electromechanical, sheet metal, machinery, steel security door, automobile, aerospace, car, door, paper industry, textile, metallized film, tobacco, packaging materials, thin film B0PP, plastic crusher, edge sealing, seal, bottom sealing bag making machine, food machine, medicinal materials, wire, printing, paper, aluminum foil, metal film, tobacco, electronics, light industry, food, BOPP film, iron and steel metallurgy, electric power, electronics, shipbuilding, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, stationery, plastic, feed, paper, cardboard, wood, forestry etc. industries.