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Analysis of the blade in the domestic market situation

Views:7     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-10      Origin:Site

Hard alloy material is still a blade grinder / materials in the main members, but also national tool manufacturers focus on the development of tool materials of. Hard alloy will be used more and more now, hard alloy application widely, the development of fine particles, ultrafine particles hard alloy material is the development direction of enhancing the reliability 

of tool, and the coating is a development direction to improve the performance of the tool, the physical coating will be more widely applied, PCBN, such as PCD cutting tool material toughness will be further enhanced, the application will be more.

Targeted research and development 

Generic types, the general structure is no longer the focus of plastic grinder blade manufacturers R & D, general groove, models of blades and tools will be more blade groove structure, models and supporting tools for replaced.

Manufacturers began to change the image

The demand of the development of modern manufacturing to the position and the function of the plastic grinder blade industry has undergone major changes: from pure plastic grinder blade supplier's status changes to business users to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce the manufacturing cost of an important partner. In addition, it is 

more urgent and important to provide users with comprehensive technical support and services.

The more fierce market competition, who can grasp market trends and needs, who can use grinder blade material, coating, design, manufacturing of the comprehensive advantages, to develop innovative products, then efforts to push the market, who will be able to grasp initiative to occupy the market. Have many of the world's leading tool vendors are stepping up the pace of development of the Chinese market, such as in China set up its own manufacturing plant, the increase in China's offices, liaison offices, broad strokes of sales and technical service personnel, and strengthen service quality.